Do you know the two most powerful words in fundraising? Yes, it’s thank you. Showing appreciation with a verbal word of thanks, thank you notes and other signs to show your thankfulness are important in maintaining positive relationships.

Of course it’s easy to show appreciation to those who have a positive outlook and gladly help your cause. But how do you react to those people who don’t always seem to be supportive in the way they talk or work with you? Some of these “difficult people” may actually be some of your most active volunteers, donors, corporate sponsors or organization staff people. So what do you do?

Mike Robbins has a great article about how to deal with difficult people by showing them appreciation. This approach is really more about changing your own attitude rather than trying to change theirs. The person may or may not change but you’ll feel more peaceful and happy yourself. It’s a great read with some great advice: Appreciating “Difficult” People.

(Thanks to Kristie T at who recently featured this article in her e-zine.)

Posted on 28 October 2005

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