Appreciation challengeWhat if each day you took the time to give appreciation to someone you work with, a donor to your cause or a friend or family member? Perhaps it is possible that something as simple as showing people that you appreciate them could make a big impact.

Mike Robbins experienced this first hand and the amazing potential of giving appreciation drives him to share that idea with thousands of people as a motivational speaker and author.

There are many other people in our lives who we can show appreciation…our coworkers, clients, colleagues, friends, family and spouses. As non profit leaders, we can especially show appreciation to donors, volunteers, board members, foundations, corporate partners and last but not least, staff.

I challenge you to think of one person each week during the month of May who you can show appreciation. As Mike Robbins says “insight without action makes no difference.” So be sure to let them know!

Each week for the rest of May we’ll bring you simple ways to tap into the Power of Appreciation. Then we’ll ask you to post your comments letting us know how you put appreciation into action that week.

Are you up for the Appreciation Challenge?

This article is part of the Appreciation series.

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Posted on 12 May 2008

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