You’ve played the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon… now you can be one degree away from the infamous actor or any number of other celebs. The new website launched today, as an initiative of Network for Good and Kevin Bacon himself. I heard about this via Katya who is associated with the project. is social networking with a social conscience. Through this web site, you can learn about and support the charities of celebrities and your friends, as well as fundraise for the causes close to your heart.

You can get your own badge with your photo, and links to one or more charities that you support. Then post your badge on your website or blog, or just send a link out by email.

You can even rub elbows with the rich and famous with a Celebrity Badge. I’ve posted Colin Firth’s badge here, you may remember him from Bridget Jones Diary. He features OxFam which is one of the causes that I also support.

Of course anyone can create a badge and link to the charity of their choice. If you work for a charity though, consider creating an “official” badge. The reason that you’ll want to ask your supporters to all post or email the same badge is to qualify for the matching grant program:

The six badges that have the most number of donations between January 18th and March 31st will get a matching grant from Kevin Bacon of up to $10,000. (Multiple donations from a single individual to the same Six Degrees Charity Badge will only be counted once.)

You can recruit a local or national celebrity to endorse your badge, or use a photo of one of your board members or constituents (i.e. Girl Scouts use a photo of one of your troup members).

Find out more at

Posted on 19 January 2007

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