What better publicity could your cause get than a celebrity endorsement? Getting a celebrity to endorse a company’s product or a non profit organization’s cause is usually no small task. Celebrities get such requests quite frequently. But when that lucky break happens it can be a huge boost.

An example I heard about recently comes from Contact Any Celebrity, a company who specializes in providing contact information for high profile figures.

Donna Gummelt’s small publishing company had just published a children’s book written by eight-year-old Nicholas Alexander Sinclair. In the story Martha Stewart was referred to as “The Queen of Cookies.” So on a whim, Donna decided to send “The Cookie Story” to Martha.

Nick and his book were later featured on the Martha Stewart show!

This story reveals two secrets to landing media coverage – celebrity or otherwise:

1. Have a Hook (or even several) – “The Cookie Story” appealed to Martha (and her audience) because it was written by a child, it mentioned Martha Stewart and it was also bilingual (Spanish and English).

2. Stories that match the target audience of the media or person you’re contacting are more likely to get coverage.

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Posted on 01 March 2006

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