It is a fact of life that schools are fighting an uphill battle in terms of funding. There are so many costs that a school has to deal with, and most of these pop up time and time again, from the cost of general school maintenance and repair, to paying for important upgrades to school equipment like books and computer hardware.

There is also the cost of large-scale projects like completely refurbishing the school gym, or paying for regular excursions for the students to take part in. Simply put, the schools are in a bit of a tough place, and are going to need your help in order to pay for some of these things.

Volleyball fundraising is a great way to bring some extra funding to the school, while also encouraging students to get involved in helping a good cause. If your school volleyball team needs some extra money for things like gear and uniforms, then you may find that volleyball fundraising is a quick and affordable solution to your problems.

You could go for an overblown event with lots of decorations and attractions, but what really counts is giving the students something simple and fun that everybody can be a part of. Coming up with volleyball fundraising ideas that are simple should be easy enough. You could go with a traditional bake sale or pizza stall in the school cafeteria, or sell products from one of our affordable fundraising product packages.

In fact, deciding on just one idea to run with may prove challenging, since the list of ideas you have to work with is nearly endless. The best way to decide on your idea is to gather a group of organizers from around the school. You should have no trouble finding help from students once they hear about the good cause they will be supporting.

Posted on 02 January 2012

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