There are different school fundraising cookie dough companies and different school fundraising cookie dough products you can choose as you probably already know. So how do you choose the best option?

Start with the easy decision. Do you want to sell frozen cookie dough or something that does not require refrigeration? Most large groups gravitate toward frozen cookie dough fundraisers because that’s what people expect. But there are dry cookie miz fundraisers you can choose from as well. The benefit of the latter is that there is no refrigeration needed which makes distribution a lot easier and less strict time wise.

The next decision is whether you want to sell tube of cookie dough or boxes of preportioned cookie dough. Historically more people have sold tubs. There is no definitive reason why other than its been around much longer. However more and more groups choose preportioned because its much easier on their customer. They can pull a few cookies out of the box, put them in the oven and bake only what they want without thawing the cookie dough or finding a scoop.

Now there is a new program where you can sell frozen cookie dough that is shipped directly to your customer. Many people call it home delivery cookie dough fundraising. Essentially you sell ecoupons that your customer use like gift cards to purchase tubs of cookie dough online. The price per tub is a little higher but it includes shipping. Many groups like the idea that there is really no delivery of products other than the e coupons.

So what is the best school fundraising cookie dough in our opinion?

There is a program where you offer the top selling cookie dough in slightly smaller tubs that sell for only $10 per tub. We believe this is the magic price point where people are more than happy to buy your product. Many of the name brand or national brands sell tubs of cookie dough for $15, $16 or more. Based on feedback we get that price is simply more than people care to spend.

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Posted on 23 January 2012

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