There is an abundance of information available on fundraising ideas all throughout the internet yet people still wonder How to Have a Fundraiser. So let’s chat about that for a few moments.

We hear from lots of people wanting to know if they need to be part of a group to have a fundraiser. Most are surprised to find out that the same programs available to schools and sports teams are available to them. An individual can choose the same school fundraiser as an elementary school might. In fact there are now even cookie dough fundraisers designed for individuals and small groups.

The problem with some fundraising ideas, though, is the minimum order requirements. Many fundraisers require 100 or more items be sold. That’s obviously tough for a single person for a very small group. Other fundraising products are priced based on the number of units you sell. The more you sell the higher your profit on each item. Luckily there are programs like candle fundraisers and flower bulb fundraisers where you make 50% profit on each item regardess of the number of items you sell.

So How to Have a Fundraiser is a lot easier question than it used to be.

The first thing you should do is determine how much money you need to raise and whether you would rather sell a product or not. If you want to sell fundraising products the next question is whether you have money to spend on a product you have on hand or you need to a no upfront cost fundraiser.

Here are a few websites we recommend to help you research different fundraisers. They are also the best place to start your fundraiser:

1. Easy Fundraising Ideas

2. Fast Track Fundraising

3. Go Green Fundraising

4. Buy for Charity Fundraising

Posted on 19 January 2012

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