In the February newsletter, sent last week, I talked about how to go about getting corporate sponsors. Here’s a exerpt:

WHO to Ask for Corporate Sponsorships

Always consider how your fundraising event or program will benefit the business. If a business does not have some kind of vested interest in your organization or event, it will not be likely donate. Their interest may be either because of matching interests (they support your cause), they see value in the advertising or marketing opportunity you offer them, or both.

Businesses receive many requests for charitable contributions each year (some receive hundreds or even thousands.) They need a compelling reason to donate to your specific group.

HOW to Ask for Corporate Sponsorships

The most common way to ask for a sponsorship is through a letter. Donation request letters are a balancing act between showing the benefit to the sponsoring business and describing the reason you are asking.

I recently came across a great article that gives more detail regarding both who and how to ask for sponsorships. You can view this article at

Posted on 08 February 2005

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