The Republic of Tea company is partnering with the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation to raise funds for cancer research with the Sip for a Cure program.

The tea company created several specialty flavors of bag tea just for this campaign including grapefruit, pink rose, pink lady apple, and lemonade. Other products in the campaign include bottled tea and marmalade. A portion of the revenues from all Sip for the Cure products sold are donated directly to the Komen Foundation, with nothing to mail in and no response required from customers.

In the past few years The Komen Foundation has actively pursued corporate partnerships in order to raise funds. The type of partnerships established by Komen can be a good lesson and example for other non profits.

It is always important that a partnership program between a business and a non profit organization be of benefit to both organizations. As in the case of The Republic of Tea, the tea company benefits by an increase in product sales with some positive PR in the process.

While the amount donated per item may be small, the volume of sales could add up to a large donation to the foundation. In fact, for 2005, The Republic of Tea has guaranteed a minimum donation of $50,000 to the Komen Foundation through the Sip for the Cure program. The company has a long term goal of $1 million in donations to the Komen Foundation and has contributed over $420,767 as of this August.

The Komen – Republic of Tea partnership demonstrates the power of corporate sponsorship programs. When non profit organizations partner with large companies with national distribution or outlets they can benefit from the volume of business that the company is already doing. The foundation receives additional advertising and exposure at no cost to them.

Partnership with smaller local or regional companies can have similar effects when the relationship between the two groups is strong and the program well designed and organized.

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Posted on 05 October 2005

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