This week I’m working with my BPW club to get our annual garage sale ready. With perfect timing, the ClubMom Home & Garden newsletter
that arrived in my email box today had the subject line “10 tips for a successful garage sale.”

Whan to Make Money at Your Garage Sale? Of course we all do! So be sure to check out this article. The author includes a lot of great details. Here’s a snippet about how to advertise:

You’ll want to include the following information in your ad: Date and times of the sale, your address (if you live in the boonies, include directions in your ad) and special items you have for sale that will draw customers. Be sure to mention specific things that are in demand (Little Tikes toys; collectibles; furniture items).

Preparing for Yard Sale Season Nancy gives some great tips in this article.

If you’re selling a large grouping of stuff and someone says they’ll take it but will come back later, get the money first! Neighbor Heidi had a playpen full of toys that she was selling for $40. She held it all day for this one guy who never came back. She could have sold it all during the course of the sale.

That one made me laugh a bit. From my parent’s days of setting up a flea markets, I know you never hold items for people. My dad called these folks the “be backs.”

You never know who you will meet – or help – when having a garage sale. Here’s a short inspirational story: Garage Sale Treasures.

Good luck to you on your next garage sale. Luckily our sale this weekend is indoors and we’ll be ready to go when the first customer hits the door – bright and early I’m sure!

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Posted on 18 May 2006

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