Garage Sales

Garage Sale Signs

Posted on 30 May 2006

The annual garage sale fundraiser for BPW/CWJC a week ago Saturday went well, raising over $1,300. We were very lucky to have an indoor location this year. We had a couple of weeks to set up and organize everything. Last year our committee purchased a sign that could be reused each year. The sign was […]

Garage Sale Articles From Club Mom

Posted on 18 May 2006

This week I’m working with my BPW club to get our annual garage sale ready. With perfect timing, the ClubMom Home & Garden newsletter that arrived in my email box today had the subject line “10 tips for a successful garage sale.” Whan to Make Money at Your Garage Sale? Of course we all do! […]

Garage Sale Fundraiser

Posted on 17 August 2005

Garage sales are great ways to raise money for any cause. Experienced garage sale planner Sue Kroll shares how to raise money for animal shelters with a garage sale…