The more people are involved in a fundraiser, the more they can publicize the event and get more people to chip in. For medium groups sized 50 or more, fundraising activities may include small community festivals, local music events and charity runs. Organizing these local events on a community scale will prove to be rewarding for those who want to raise money for charitable causes or community developmental causes. The first step towards planning a fundraiser for medium-sized groups is to clearly define the cause and the objectives of the fundraiser. By clearly outlining these objectives, the group will have an idea how much they need to raise and what materials and effort they need to carry out a successful fundraiser.

Organize fundraising group

Fundraising team leaders should consider getting as much people as they can into the organizing team. The more people participate, the more helping hands can be utilized to carry out various organizational tasks required for a successful fundraiser.

Manage connections

More people mean more connections. Organizational leaders must utilize these connections and be assertive enough to ask for help, especially from those who have connections with local bars, attractions, government leaders and popular figures. They will come in handy in looking for people who can readily help and donate for the fundraiser.
Be aware of local events taking place. People commonly flock to local state fairs and events, making them a perfect place to publicize and get more people involved. Groups can coordinate with the fair organizers to set up booths for donating or purchasing their products, in case they opt to sell items for the fundraiser.

Get prominent individuals and local artists to help out

Government officials and local artists can take advantage of the publicity of fundraisers. Their participation will attract other people to contribute to the cause and their influence will significantly increase people traffic. Also take note of local independent musical artists who will greatly appreciate free publicity and an avenue to showcase their talents. Keep in mind that they want to gain more followers and will not mind getting discovered by talent scouts.

Scout for sponsors

Local stores and small to medium businesses are mostly accommodating when it comes to holding community events. Ask them if they like to partake in a fundraiser for a good cause. Be aware of the nature of their business and their company values. If these coincide with the fundraising cause, it will be a perfect fit.

Posted on 16 September 2010

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