The best way to carry out a successful fundraising activity with a small group of people is to keep in mind the following—planning, participation and publicity. A successful fundraising activity will require a lot of planning but with a small number of people, it is easy to manage a team and directly communicate the plans to the rest of the members.

Fundraising can also be easy when a large number of people are involved, but if there are less people, it becomes harder to raise a big amount of money. Smaller groups must come up with more creative ways to hold successful fundraising activities.

Facilitate a Neighborhood Garage Sale

The advantage of having a small group for a fundraiser is that it is easier to manage the participants. Gathering the members to brainstorm and come up with simple yet effective ideas to raise funds will be easier to do. A good way to raise funds is to hold a neighborhood garage sale where all neighbors can actively contribute their time, effort and goods to make the garage sale successful.

The cause for the garage sale should be clear so that more people are aware of it and are willing to participate. The activity should also be publicized so that more people will participate and donate goods for the sale. Emails, text messages and even word of mouth will help get the word out and let more people know about the cause. Set up strategic places where people can drop off items or sign up to help. Keeping a master list of goods to sell with their corresponding prices and a track of the sales will keep the fundraiser more organized. It is also ideal to encourage the group as they work toward their monetary goal and to profusely thank those who have pitched in.

Have a Bake Sale

Just like a garage sale, a bake sale will allow a small group to use their creativity to raise funds. Friends and neighbors can be asked to contribute baking ingredients and to help in the kitchen and the stalls. A reasonable pricing scheme for the cookies and cupcakes should also be set up. It’s important to spread the word so that people can drop by the stall. A sign that says “Cupcakes and Cookies for a Cause!” or something along those lines should be put up. It’s also important to advertise the fundraiser’s cause to pique more people’s interest.

Prize Raffle Draw

For groups with 50 members or less, they can opt to hold simple raffle draws where the winning ticketholder will agree to donate half of the prize to the group’s cause. Tickets should be sold and whoever gets picked as the winner gets half of the pot money earned from ticket sales. The group can ask a local store to sponsor the event so that ticket prices can be increased for a bigger prize.

Posted on 20 September 2010

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