Many non-profit groups need members and funds alike for them to function properly, host activities and give donations to charitable institutions. However, because members cannot always contribute items or money to their groups, they need to hold fundraising events and activities to gather money for their own causes. There are several fundraising activities that groups can hold such as auctions, garage sales, bake sales, small concerts, carnival fairs and benefit dinners. However, if groups want a fundraiser that will not only benefit their own causes but also help out people who will be buying the items they are selling, then they should fundraise by selling discount cards.

Discount Card Companies

There are companies that sell discount cards to groups for fundraising purposes, so they can just contact these companies to order the cards. Most of the time, pre-made discount cards have a set group of businesses included in the discount programs. There are also customizable discount cards if groups want to have freedom in choosing which shops or fast food stores will be included in the discount program. However, if they want various businesses in their local communities to join the fundraising discount programs, then they can just contact these businesses and print the discount cards themselves.

Pick up the phone and start calling!

The first thing these groups have to do is to call up shops and businesses in their area and explain the purpose of their fundraiser. They can then ask these businesses if they want to be included in their fundraising discount programs and ask what kind of discounts or promos they can give consumers who will buy the discount cards. Printing the business logos of those included in the fundraising program on customizable discount cards comes next.

Be clear in what you’re offering and what you need

Contacting businesses sounds easy enough, but it’s getting them to participate that’s difficult. Groups have to clearly state their goals for fundraising and merchants have to understand these goals for them to commit to the fundraiser. Groups should also show businesses that participating in their fundraising discount programs is also a form of advertisement. Aside from having shops promoted by having their logos printed on the discount cards, consumers will also most likely flock to their shops to avail of discounts and promos.

Posted on 27 September 2010

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