We’ve been asked about Flower Power Fundraising and decided to research the program and discuss our opinion.

It is an interesting program that offers a good selection of products that offers 50% profit. They offer online stores or customer direct shipping. At first glance it looks like a very attractive program. “But as we researched it in greater detail we kept hearing that this company entered fundraising to develop a list of potential customers that it could continue to market to after your fundraiser was complete.”


There are lots of companies that sell flower bulbs. We have been told many collect customer data and then market directly to your customers. We had originally been told that Flower Power did this but were told that they didn’t. We would appreciate customer feedback and reviews so our readers get first hand experience shared with them.

While some groups might not mind the practice of providing future sales leads or feel that it will affect their fundraising idea or its outcome we suggest you consider the annoyance factor. Would you want a fundraising group you support to turn over your contact information to their supplier? Most people receive more junk email than they’d like and would probably prefer to not have their info used in this fashion.

So if you are considering a flower bulb fundraiser we suggest you consider this flower bulb fundraising idea instead.

These flower fundraisers are free to start and you maintain control of your customer list. You use free brochures that are provided to each member of your group to pre sell an assortment of flower bulbs chosen seasonally. You sell using the brochure. People write down their information on your order form. At the end of your sale you place your bulk bulb order. Once you receive the bulbs you deliver them directly to your customer.

Flower bulbs are easy to sell. Personally we think it is wrong for companies to gather customer data through unsuspecting fundraising customers so we find it difficult to recommend company’s that market to your customers for this reason alone.



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Posted on 16 January 2012

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8 Comments For This Post

  1. Michael Allan says:


    I am the General Manager for Flower Power Fundraising and just came across your review our our program. I want to correct one of your statements regarding how we use customer names. We do not, under any circumstance, market to names after an organization has completed their fundraiser.

    It is true that other companies do employ this practice. In my opinion there is little commercial value in those names as supporters are purchasing to support their friend, child, relative…not a specific product vendor. Moreover, it’s just bad form.

    I would appreciate a correction on your post. Feel free to contact me directly with any additional questions regarding our “best” practices.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Allan
    General Manager
    Flower Power Fundraising Inc.

  2. Jean says:

    Thank you for the information about fundraising.

  3. Stacy says:

    I personally am very satisfied with Flower Power. My recently had a fundraiser at his school and i was the only one in his class that made sure he recieved at least one order. I love my flowers which i recently planted in my garden. I cannot complain at all. I especially like the 100% Guarantee!!! I have not ever known a company to be willing to guarantee that if you are not satified you ARE entitled to a full refund of the product or another shipment f that product will be shipped out. I LOVE FLOWER POWER!!!

  4. Bruce McCarty says:

    Step by Step Fundraising feels it needs to lie to get your business while claiming to be your friend. If the information about Flower Power is wrong, which they admit it is, they should remove the untruthful statement. Stay away from this web site and company. They are dishonest.

  5. Ben Gottlieb says:

    Bruce we have corrected the article based on your comment. I have added a small section to the article asking for actual customers to let us know how the program worked for them.

    We were told what we reported and when you submitted your comment we struck through the text and offered in capitals your rebuttal.

    We attempt to be as forthright as possible here and welcome any reviews of Flower Power and will post those here.

  6. Bruce McCarty says:

    You sell flower bulb programs to schools and charge $65 shipping when shipping is free from the company at 100 items! Who is ripping folks off? Remove the Flower Power slander immediately to redeem yourself as a good person. Unless of course you’re not a good person. You understand me perfectly clear. I hope I never resort to this misleading “advice” to support my family.


  7. Jennifer Couden says:

    We used flower power to raise money for our girl scout troop. Being that it was online and I had never worked with them before I was a little nervous. But they were consistently professional, easy to use and right on schedule with sending us our 50% pay. I will definitely use them again. In fact I am already preparing to get spring set up as soon as we are done with our cookie sales. Thank you Flower Power! Oh, and all of our customers love their flowers. Upon ordering there is a flat $5 shipping rate that is added to each order and incentive flower offers to folks who order a certain amount of flowers. Great company, great website, very happy customer here!

  8. girls smoking weed says:

    The flower designing and crafts to raise fund for the needy is an appreciative idea. It’s really good to have this at school level to empower children in future too. I think the different fortunes we have should not be misused at all; taking this in mind.

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