December 31 - Year end fundraisingI’m kicking off this week with a Resource Roundup with simple success strategies for your year-end fundraising campaign. Many nonprofits see a great increase in donations toward the end of the year.  Don’t miss out on year end donations from your supporters just because you didn’t ASK!

Here’s the three step plan to focus your year-end fundraising drive that I published last year: It’s Fundraising Time Again.

Gail Perry reminds us that individuals make up around 80% of all contributions to charitable organizations.  So focus on this group (rather than foundations, corporations) to reach your year-end fundraising goals.

Best practices and case studies are included in these Tips for End-of-Year Campaign Success from Abny Santicola of Fundraising Success.

Marc Pitman offers some practical pointers and encourages you to start your year-end fundraising letter strategy today!

Jason Dick advises us to pick up the phone to solicit major gifts.

No matter what, “You must ask for a gift. Don’t assume that people will give if they can.  Encourage their giving by offering them the opportunity to make a gift.” Sandy Rees says in The 3 things that you should do for End-of-Year Fundraising Success.

The teleseminar recording “Fast Fundraising for Year-End” with Sandy Rees, Marc Pitman and myself is included as a bonus when you order the ebook or paperback  7 Essential Steps to Raising Money by Mail.

Shirley Sexton of See3 Communications recently hosted a webinar What Donors Want This End of Year Season.

Other learning opportunities are available to help make your year-end campaign great.  See a list that I posted a week ago, Fundraising Training Events, Teleseminars for Fall 2009 (some have already happened.)

Posted on 26 October 2009

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