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Roundup: Giving Thanks

Posted on 28 November 2008

Amidst the usual challenges of managing a non profit and the added pressures of the economic climate, there are reasons to be thankful. Thinking locally I’m most thankful for our non profit community.  Living in a town of around 100K, which is not a suburb, the nonprofits here do a good job of networking and […]

School Grant Available from Top School Fundraisers

Posted on 25 November 2008

Through our website Top School Fundraisers we’re sponsoring a one-time grant program.  A quality education is something that every child deserves and I’m happy to be able to “give back” in some small way.  With this in mind only projects that are educational in nature will be considered. This grant is not a contest per […]

Roundup: 33 Links to Wrap Up Election Season

Posted on 21 November 2008

Now that the election is over I’m having a bit of the politico-news withdrawl.  I followed the political campaign closely, and also took note of several bloggers who wrote about this election from the perspective of a non-profit. I started out this post with just a handful of links like usual, but this list just […]

What Non-Profits Can Learn from the Obama Fundraising Campaign Part 2 – The Internet

Posted on 20 November 2008

In the first part of this series, we took a look at ways that the Barack Obama campaign for President was able to launch the most ambitious political fundraising campaign in history. We then illustrated how small non-profits can emulate these strategies in their own particular environments. In this segment, I’d like to write about […]

House Raffles: Dream or Nightmare?

Posted on 19 November 2008

Will You Be Running a Raffle in 2011-12?  If so, check out the e-book from Sandra Sims and Jim Berigan.  Raffle Secrets is 50 pages long and comes with three free bonus e-books. Excellent content from authors you’ve known and trusted for years!   I field questions about raffle fundraisers quite often.  Especially since the […]

Roundup: Holiday Season

Posted on 14 November 2008

Holiday season is coming up fast… are you ready? Fasten Your Seatbelts: It’s Going to Be a Bumpy Giving Season from Guidestar On-line Holiday Giving May Exceed $3 Billion also from Guidestar 70% of Americans Plan to Give During the Holidays, Survey Finds from Chronicle of Philanthropy Ask for online donations today. Really. Katya Andresen […]

What Non-Profits Can Learn from the Obama Fundraising Campaign

Posted on 11 November 2008

Like a huge percentage of this country, I too got caught up in the news surrounding our recent presidential election. I was amazed by the size and the scope of the two campaigns and the way each chose to communicate to the American public. I have done my best to take note of strategies that […]