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Raise Funds by Searching the Internet: GoodSearch

Posted on 30 April 2007

We all do it. Well, most of us do it. Some of us are doing it more than once a day. We search the internet at work, home, school and just for fun. J.J. and Ken Ramberg, a brother and sister team, founded a search engine simply called The name says it all. The […]

Annual Pool Tournament Fundraiser a Success

Posted on 27 April 2007

There is nothing remarkable about the single pool table inside the Cavalier Store, a bar & restaurant in Lynchburg, Virginia. It’s 3 feet by 7 feet, the standard “bar table” dimensions, and owner Wells Duffy originally found it gathering dust in a rural barn. Who knew that it would one day become a prolific moneymaking […]

Creating Donor Evangelists Teleseminar

Posted on 18 April 2007

Yesterday I attended a seminar about marketing for non profit organizations. One of the topics that we discussed at length was “word of mouth” marketing. The best advertisement for your non profit are the people who care passionately about the cause and the organization. By coincidence when I got back to the office I had […]

Prom Dress Fundraisers: Low Cost, Big Results

Posted on 17 April 2007

The Dickinson, North Dakota, Domestic Violence and Rape Crisis Center (DVRCC) hosted a prom/party dress fundraiser in November 2006. They were able to raise $1,300 from the sale of donated party/prom dresses with no expenses. Gloria, a representative from the DVRCC, shared how they met their success. “The dresses were donated by various people from […]

Free Fundraising Event How-To Teleseminar

Posted on 16 April 2007

Raising Greater Funds: Secret Strategies to Increase Your Fund Raising Success is a series of fundraising seminars and the first one is free on the Raising Greater Funds website. You’ll see the link in the right hand column. You can click to listen online or right click and save to your computer to listen later. […]

Youth Orchestra Fundraising Event a Success

Posted on 12 April 2007

In February this year, the Wichita Falls Texas Youth Symphony Orchestra (YSO) held its annual Play-a-Thon. In years past the event took place at a shopping mall where patrons could listen to the youth ensembles and soloists perform. Funds raised were from sponsorships obtained in advance. This year the event was transformed into a luncheon […]

Creative Silent Auction Baskets

Posted on 12 April 2007

The third annual Wichita Falls (TX) Youth Symphony Orchestra Play-a-Thon event was a great success, with the majority of funds being raised by the silent auction. I’ve been to many silent auctions and this one had one of the best presentations I’d ever seen. All of the auction items were attractively packaged in wicker baskets […]