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This comes from Marc Gold, founder of the 100 Friends Project.

I first talked with Marc a couple of years ago and have been inspired by his work ever since. The concept of the Project is simple. Marc Gold collects donations from about 100 people and then takes the money to third world countries to distribute as directly and intelligently as possible. He helps people one on one, some groups and non profits, but often individuals who have no one else.

His method of fundraising is also one on one and those how donate feel a special connection to the project. It’s a lesson for anyone who raises funds for a cause – keep your mission and your donors connection to that mission central to fundraising efforts.

In November, an article about the project was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Here’s Marc’s latest update from the field…

The project is going extraordinarily well this year. I am very much enjoying Indonesia. I went back Bandeh Aceh for a week to help tsunami survivors and the other I donated $2,000 for earthquake victims to get back to work with micro-loans. This will result in dozens of people gaining employment.

Tomorrow going to an orphanage to make donation. It was totally destroyed in the quake and 100 boys live in tents; also donating to the girls orphanage. Then we’ll visit a small poor hospital and bring books, toys, sweets, etc. Lots of donations also made in Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cambodia.

Find out more about the 100 Friends Project

Posted on 23 December 2006

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