Chenango County Habitat for Humanity (NY) is currently building their fourth house in their area.  Like many Habitat affiliates they raise funds to get the needed supplies to build the homes. Their biggest fundraiser each year is the Valentine’s Day carnation flower fundraiser.  They are selling carnations for $10 for a half dozen and $15 for a dozen.  They hope to raise at least $8000 with this Valentine’s flower sale.

Thousands of dollars raised from just some flowers?  It might sound easy, but this sale does take quite a bit of manpower.  What tax season is for accountants, Valentine’s is for florists.  First there’s buying the flowers at wholesale or getting a florist to help.  Then it takes many volunteers to prepare the flowers and distribute them.  This is the 15th year for this fundraiser, so these guys have it down. According to their website:

The annual campaign receives volunteering from hundreds of people, a truly living network from communities in Chenango County. It works better and better each year. From four Main Centers, Orders are picked up and then distributed into many communities in Chenango County, as well as into periphery counties.

Could your group raise funds with a flower fundraiser?  First of all while Valentine’s is the biggest flower day of the year, there’s also Easter Lilies at Easter, Poinsettias at Christmas and bouquets for Mother’s Day.  Just pick a popular holiday such as these to focus your attention on.  The Habitat group did well to sell only carnations.  This probably gives them a better price and makes sales and delivery more efficient. Publicize your fundraiser and make the order forms easy to complete.  Then collect the payment and watch the smiles as you deliver the flowers.  Like many fundraising events, the first year’s sales might be small, but each year it will grow.

Posted on 15 January 2009

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