So does your organization have any Easter fundraisers planned? There are lots of great Easter fundraising ideas that are easy and can be planned rather quickly. 1. Easter baskets — Create large easter baskets, not just kids baskets but some that grown ups will like too. Hold a raffle or silent auction for the baskets.

2. Candy Fundraising — There’s still time to order Easter Bunnies, Almonds and Peanut Butter Eggs by the case. All chocolates sell for $5 each. The price to your non profit group is just $2.50, so your group makes 50% profit on this fundraiser! Call the Toll Free Customer Service Line at 1-866-432-7838 for more information.

3. Breakfast with the Easter Bunny — Set up a special breakfast at a local restaurant, cafeteria or fast food place. Negotiate a special price for you group. Have a photo booth for pictures with the Easter Bunny. Include one photo per child with the ticket and then charge extra for additional photos. You can get some fun little giveaway prizes for the kids from Oriental Trading Company.

4. Easter Luncheon — Have a Spaghetti or other type food luncheon.

5. Easter Egg Hunt — Hold an Easter Egg Hunt for children in your community. This is a great way to build PR within the community with a fun event.

Important Last Step:
To really create a great fundraiser, choose at least TWO of the above fundraising ideas. You will get much more participation and raise more money with a combination of offerings.

For example, hold a free egg hunt after the luncheon. Our church does this every year. On Palm Sunday after regular services there is a Spaghetti lunch. Tickets are sold for at least two weeks prior to the lunch. Many people stay for the lunch, especially families with small children. When the lunch winds down, the Easter Egg hunt begins. It’s always a fun time and the kids love it.

So how else can you combine these ideas to raise money for your non profit organization? How about an Easter Basket silent auction at the lunch or breakfast event? Here’s another idea…sell World’s Finest Easter candies, and give away tickets to the Breakfast with the Easter Bunny to the top earners. Have your prize award ceremony at the breakfast.

Events such as these appeal to people’s desire to celebrate the holiday. Make it fun for them and they will give more back to your organization, this year and in years to come.

Posted on 28 February 2005

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