“The Traveling Potty” submitted by Dawn Turner-Dupuis was named the winner of the Unusual Fundraising Idea Contest.

This entry was chosen because it is unusual, fun and really excites interest among those participating. It’s also great because it takes place over an extended period of time (not just one day) and is easy to plan and particpate in.

By far the most unusual Fundraiser we have done to date is our Relay For Life Potty. We took a regular bathroon toilet and painted it in Relay For Life Colors – Purple – with a little bit of added pink (for Breast Cancer). We also painted ribbons on it in a lighter purple color, got a garden knome and put him on the potty.

We then took requests from people to have the potty placed in someones yard. The cost to place the potty was $10. The cost to have the potty removed from your yard was $10 – and you could forward it to someone else for an additional $5. We also offered “Potty Insurance” that could be purchased for $5.

We actually had a waiting list for this potty and before it was over we had 3 potty’s floating around our County. We first started delivering the Potty after dark – but we had to stop that when we had the cops called on us. After that we figured out that about 2pm was the best time to move and place the potty as most people are at work.

We had alot of fun with this fundraiser – we kept the potty going for a 1 month period and raised closed to $800.


Posted on 19 September 2005

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