Temple Beth Sholom has found a great way to raise extra funds for their school – by collecting ink cartridges that people would simply throw away and sending them to the Funding Factory. With just about everyone having at least one home computer, there is great potential for running a program like this. For every cartridge they collect they earn points, and each point can transfer into a simple to run fund-raising program for the school.

Fund-raising Success with Recycling

“Well in about 2 years we have raised 390.00,” said David Wallach. The school raises money through a combination of sending back ink cartridges and referrals for other people who send back cartridges. “Everyone your company refers and sends back at least one box gets 125 points. Each point is .40 cents.”

Program Is Low-Maintenance and Needs Few Additional Supplies

Funding Factory recycles ink and laser printer cartridges, but they also recycle cell phones. Temple Beth Sholom focuses on sending back ink cartridges because they like the return on this product. “Laser cartridges earn good money (sometimes) while inkjets earn some,” said Wallach. The school has been pleased with the program not only for the money given for returning the ink cartridges, but the support Funding Factory offers to the schools and organizations that participate.

The company helps each school by giving them promotional material to tell parents, teachers and the public about your program. “They give you promotional material for free via the website such as referral letters and business letters,” said Wallach. Wallach ordered 500 to 1500 free flyers for his school from the website to promote the program. They will also give you boxes with prepaid labels attached. “Just order them from the website; they no longer come in the welcome kit. But there is no charge for the boxes,” said Wallach.

An added benefit is the low costs associated with running this program. “Maybe a roll of packaging tape and used newspapers. All packages sent back use UPS Authorized Return Service. Just leave it for the driver or bring it to a UPS drop location or store,” said Wallach.

If you sign up with Funding Factory, they send you a Jump Start package. This package contains program guide, access to an online account, posters, flyers, labels for UPS to use on your own boxes so you don’t have to pay for shipping. This Jump Start package will reach you in about ten business days.

Three Ways to Earn With FundingFactory.com

Wallach explains there are three great ways to save with FundingFactory.com:

  1. Collection of ink cartridges in your school or organization
  2. Obtaining referrals
  3. Getting other businesses at remote sites that do the same boxing and packaging that you do. “But you never have to pick the stuff up, but you get the credit,” explains Wallach.

Funding Factory also runs contests that are free to enter. An organization or school does need to have qualifying cartridges. “It is a great way to turn trash into cash and reduce the tonnage put into the dumpster that hits the bottom line. You send the laser cartridges in the boxes they came in for protection and less packing, and less garbage,” said Wallach.

How Your Payment Is Determined

On the Funding Factory website is a list that gets updated periodically – usually every week. “When you send in the units, they note the return and list all of what you sent and they list the value for each type of cartridge, if the cartridge is defective or refurbished or re-manufactured you get nothing. They can’t take re-manufactured or refurbished; this is because no one wants to buy them. Funding Factory will list how much you have earned and from what source,” said Wallach. Points can be redeemed at CDW-G, Amazon.com, Flaghouse, Ellison through their website, or you can simply request cash payout.

The Final Word On A Successful Fund-Raiser

”This is a great way to save and recycle for virtually no cost at all just a little time. I am sure you can deduce that I am enthusiastic about this program, well I am,” Wallach says.

If your group would like to earn some extra cash just like Temple Beth Shalom does, just register online with Funding Factory to get a free starter kit.

Posted on 14 June 2007

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