Cell Phone RecyclingCell phone owners get new phones at least every two years, some more often. What happens to all of those old phones? By turning in a phone to a recycling project, cell phone owners can help non profit organizations raise funds.

A cell phone recycling drive can be a good additional fundraiser for your group. Combine it with an inkjet and laser printer cartridge collection for more impact. Printer cartridges are easy to collect as they are used up pretty fast in school classrooms and offices. Encourage parents to save the cartridges from home too!

When you collect cell phones and print cartridges your group can redeem points to shop for hundreds of thousands of products including computers, sports equipment, office supplies, cameras and more. Or just choose the cash option to get paid by check.

FundingFactory offers a free cell phone recycling program that provides collection boxes, free shipping, promotional materials, online accounting and more!Since 1997 FundingFactory has been offering a free fundraising-through-recycling program for educational and nonprofit organizations.

Promoting the program is key. Make sure all of your office personnel are aware of the collection boxes, where the proceeds go and that the program is actively managed. This is the type of fundraiser that can go on year-round. The funds raise are incremental, but over time will really add up. Plus you will be doing your part to help our environment by keeping used cartridges out of the landfills.

It doesn’t cost anything to get started, just request a free information packet from Funding Factory to find out more.

Posted on 10 July 2007

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