At 6:15 this morning the 5th grade students from Fuller GT Magnet Elementary hit the road for their trip to Washington DC.  The students did fundraising last fall to be able to go on this trip. They had a movie night, sold donuts, and sold coupon books among other things.

However the principal said that either the whole class would go or none of them would. What a challenge! So when fundraising came up short they applied for a grant sponsored by our Top School Fundraisers website.  Along with a one page application a presentation was required, either in written form or some other creative means such as powerpoint or video. 

Five students wrote and starred in a video that showcased why they wanted to go to DC and their plans once they got there. Parent volunteer Julie Henry, who also works at the local NBC station helped them film it.  This video helped their application stand out and win them a $2000 grant.  They met their fundraising goal and are now experiencing the wonders of our nation’s capitol.

The students were again featured on TV just prior to leaving for the trip. Robin Eisenbeis and her daughter Lydia talked about the trip and the grant. It’s posted at The video includes some other segments, with the school starting at 6:10.

Have fun in DC!  We’re looking forward to hearing how it goes.

Posted on 25 March 2009

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