Whether you’re a small, medium, or large nonprofit organization raffle ticket fundraisers can greatly benefit your charity. If you’re organizing your first or fifth charity raffle, these tips I’m going to share with you will help you reach more targeted donors faster, easier, and for pennies on the dollar.

Capitalize on Local Media

They’re read and watched every single day by people in your community. It’s the local newspaper and radio stations. By using these outlets, your raffle will see a nice boost in ticket sales and organization awareness. It’s quite simple to approach these outlet’s.

How to Approach Local Radio Stations

There are many local radio stations that will announce public service announcements and news happening within their city or town. What you want to do to have your charity fundraising event announced on the airwaves is to first contact the radio station and ask to speak to the community events program director.

Always be sure to have your raffle tickets handy to provide one or two to the local media outlets. Offer to give them some tickets for their announcement on the radio. Most radio stations will join forces with local charities to kick off and promote their fundraising event.

You will be able to get on the smaller AM and FM radio stations fairly easily, but to get on the larger sized radio stations may be some more work. Just help them add more value to their listeners. Offer to give away some tickets to callers at the station.

Local Newspapers

Newspapers almost always have local events. These are pretty simple to get announced within their paper. The method is quite the same as with the radio stations to get in the newspapers. Simply call up the paper and ask to speak with the community events writer. Tell them about your charity raffle coming up, send him some information, and don’t forget to send him a “thank you” note for speaking with you. You always want to make an impression on the papers for future fundraisers and raffle ticket events.

Internet Fundraising

The internet has given the chance for smaller foundations to reach more people, but be careful be sure to follow your state regulations when using the internet for donations or raffle ticket fundraisers. A great example on how to use the internet for your raffle is to find and approach website’s that cater to your prizes. For example, if you have a Ford Mustang Raffle, there are hundreds and thousands of websites that cater to the Mustang enthusiasts. Wouldn’t these be great candidates to buy a raffle ticket.

Call up the owner of the website and tell him about what you are doing and the prizes you have. Your Mustang Raffle is perfect for their Mustang website. A perfect match! This will also work great for Harley Davidson raffle, house raffle and smaller and larger raffles.

For a general guide that will help your group set up a raffle see How to Organize a Raffle Fundraiser. For a more extensive course check out Raffle Secrets.

Posted on 08 May 2007

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