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So how do get raffle tickets printed? There are several ways you can create raffle tickets.

No matter which way you choose, be sure to allow time for raffle ticket printing. Don’t let the printing throw off the schedule of your campaign.

Ticket Layout

First, figure out how you would like the tickets to look. Consider the size of tickets, color of cardstock or paper, and pictures or logos.
There are key pieces of information that need to be on your tickets. You need a section for the purchaser to fill out which will then be put in the drawing.

On the left-hand side of the ticket include: name, address, phone and email (optional).

On the right hand side print information about the drawing: the organization’s name, address and/or city, state, phone number, date of the raffle, list of major prizes, and website. Give this stub to the purchaser to keep.

Do it Yourself Raffle Tickets

You can create tickets from your personal computer, print them out and make copies. Cut out the tickets. Staple in books of 5 or 10 and you are ready to go.

The upside to printing raffle tickets yourself is that it is the cheapest option. You may even find someone to donate the copying.

The downside to this approach is that you cannot number tickets so easily. Second, unless done properly they could look unprofessional. This could cast doubt on the legitimacy of your organization or the ticket sales.

To make your tickets as professional as possible, be mindful of the design and layout. If this is not your forte, ask someone in your group who is good at graphics to create the tickets.

Using a heavier paper or card stock can also make your tickets more appealing.

Professional Printing

This is a better option if you are selling thousands of tickets. The tickets may have a more professional look, which will add value and credibility to your campaign. You could also number the them, which can be helpful in tracking sales.

There are a variety of suppliers and services for getting raffle tickets printed.  Some online services have applications that let you design the tickets online.  These services are often more economical now than in years past because of the online aspects. Depending on how many tickets you need, you may be able to print them from your own printer or get them mailed to you.

Using a ticket printing service will likely make your tickets look more professional and inspire trust in those who would like to buy a ticket.

Choose the best option that works for you and get those raffle tickets printed!

Posted on 29 February 2008

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