If anyone has the right to brag, it’s the President Elect.  But in last night’s acceptance speech, Barack Obama focused his attention on us.

Discussing the speech on CNN David Gergen commented about how Obama focused not on himself, but on the voters. He told the story of a 106 year old woman, everything she has seen in her lifetime and how she was able to cast a vote in this election.  As Gergen said, “It wasn’t about him.  A lot of these speeches by politicians are about them, how I am doing and how I feel.  This was about us, about you the voters.”

Roland Martin then added “He consistently said “we, us, our

If the President Elect can focus on you when addressing the nation for the first time as such, then anyone can follow his example.  When you write letters asking for donations, when you create newsletters or other communication pieces for your non-profit – focus on the audience.  The donors, the volunteers, the clients, your community… not the internal or adminstrative issues with your organization.

Posted on 05 November 2008

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