Calendar 2009Are you ready for success in your nonprofit work this year? If you don’t already have a plan in place for 2009 now is the time to do so. I would encourage you to put all of the major events, fundraisers, program related events on the year long calendar now.

How about getting a wall calendar and writing in all the dates? This way everyone in your office, volunteers that come through, board members and staff have a visual reminder of the important dates. Saving the date AND blocking out the planning time for these events NOW will give you a jump start toward success.

One of the best planning tools, and one that I have used many times, is the SWOT analysis.  Chas Grundy offers a great explanation of this tool and how to use it in his Strategic Planning SWOT Analysis Toolkit.

Will you have a capital campaign or other big fund drive this year? Check out this Free campaign planning tool at Katya’s blog.  There’s also a teleclass on Friday, January 16, 2009 Getting Ready for a Capital Campaign from Charity Channel.

Here are some additional articles/blog posts that can help with your 2009 plan for success:

10 Tips for Goal Planning 2009 from Deborah Miller

Planning 90 Days at a Time (a Case Study) By Nancy E. Schwartz, posted on

2009: Looking into the Crystal Ball from i On Nonprofits

Carnival of New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofit organizations, posted by Joanne Fritz, Guide to Nonprofits

Get some Tech Tips for Fundraisers in 2009 from Andy Wolber, Fundraising Success

Why I Am Optimistic About Non-Profits in 2009 by Thomas W. McKee

How are you planning for 2009? Share a little about your plans in the comments box below.

Posted on 02 January 2009

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