Pizza Fundraisers are fun and can raise money for your charity. There are several ways to set up the pizza fundraising programs including pizza dinner events and pizza sales. 1. Pizza Dinner at your Location – This is a twist on the usual fundraiser dinner. Decide if you would like to make this a pizza buffet, set a limit on the number of slices per person, or actually sell the pizza “by the slice.” You could also do a combination of set menu and “by the slice.”

For example, you could create an adult ticket that would include 3 slices, salad, and a drink for a set price. Additional slices of pizza could be purchased for $1 per slice. Purchase a roll of generic tickets to use as “buy the slice” coupons. Then sell those coupons at the door. Diners would then just give the coupon to the volunteers at the food line to show that they had purchased additional slices.

What makes this dinner fundraiser easier than the usual dinner is that you purchase the food already prepared instead of having to cook. This equals less hassle and fewer volunteers are needed.

You could purchase the pizzas from any of the popular pizza places including Pizza Hut, Domino’s Cici’s, Pappa John’s or other local restaurants. Negotiate with the restaurant for good price on the pizzas. Try to get large one topping pizzas for around $3-4 each.

If you are hosting a larger event, you may be able to get the pizzas donated. Ask if the restaurant will donate the pizzas (or reduce the price) in exchange for free advertising. Publicize that the event is sponsored by that particular restaurant on tickets, banners, newspaper articles, and all other advertising. For example, include a tagline such as “Sponsored by Pizza Hut on Main Street” on everything.

Just as with any event, especially dinners, create a budget well in advance. Monitor costs, set appropriate ticket prices and advertise well to bring in the desired funds.

2. Pizza booth at a Carnival or other event – Host a pizza “by the slice” booth at a local carnival, festival, or other special event. Sell drinks separately. This is similar to the pizza dinner, except you don’t have to worry about selling tickets or getting the people there. You are going to where the hungry people already are!

3. Dine out at a Local Restaurant – Many restaurants and fast food places now have special fundraising programs set up for non profit organizations.

Here’s how some of them work: your organization brings in customers to the restaurant on a certain night and time. Anyone from your group (or invited by your group) puts their receipt in a designated container. At the end of the evening, a percentage of these sales are given to your non-profit group.

This is an easy, no hassle fundraiser. There are no up front costs for your organization. This program is especially good for small groups that do not have a large volunteer base.

The only work on your part is advertising this event to your members and making sure they show up. Encourage people to announce the event to friends and family too.

I have been to fundraisers of this type at Cici’s pizza, Chick-fil-A and even McDonald’s. Check with your local locations for more information.

4. Sell Pre-made Pizzas or Pizza Kits – Finally, you can also sell pizza related merchandise through catalog sales. There are several companies that provide pizza as a fundraising program including Little Caesars and Joe Corbi’s.

No matter which program you choose, pizza can be a great fundraiser. Choose the option that compliments your organization’s size, budget, volunteer base and fundraising goals.


Posted on 05 May 2004

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