One of the fun fundraisers listed on this site sparked an idea in one parent’s mind. Carla Cope from San Diego California wrote to tell me how they used this fundraiser in the local high school:

Sandra, I want to thank you for your website. I really appreciate the information and resources for fundraising ideas!

My daughter’s high school water polo team recently held the “Kiss A Pig” fundraiser. One of the girl’s just happened to have a pet pig-full grown 500 lbs of loveable pig!

We started out slow but did earn $450. We had 6 1/2hour lunch periods over two weeks for student voting. The faculty and staff requested seperate voting containers be displayed in the office! The girls first canvassed the staff and teachers for volunteers to be voted for. We scanned pictures of the teachers from the year book and placed a picture of our pig with big red lips kissing them. We used these pictures for posters and the voting containers. (plastic jars with a hole cut in the lid) Each participant had a container designated for them. A $1 a vote was charged.

Periodic announcements were broadcasted over the PA system to keep everyone updated on the top 5 contenders. The students were reluctant at first…. a $1 was a lot. ….. on the second voting day a parent brought a pizza and votes picked up. So the next voting days, pizzas were donated, each $1 vote received a slice of pizza. One of the office staff did not want to kiss that pig eventhough she had volunteered!…… but she was one of top 3…… she paid $50 to bring her into 4th place.

The top three, the principal and two wrestling coaches, won the kiss. One of the coaches had to chase that pig around the trailer to get his kiss! it was so funny! The kissing day was on Valentines Day. We trailered the pig on to the lunch court for all to see.

We plan to hold it again next year…. we believe the students will participate more now that they’ve seen the pig! We did bathe it the day before….


~ Carla Cope
Monte Vista High School Girls Water Polo Team,
San Diego, CA

Posted on 24 February 2006

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