The online magazine fundraising program is a sales fundraiser that can be conducted entirely online, very quickly and easily.  An online magazine fundraiser raises funds when your supporters to purchase a magazine online. Your group gets a free custom website and promotion tools to help encourage people to support the fundraiser by purchasing one or more magazines.

Participants simply collect email addresses of potential supporters anywhere in the US. The online system sends out personalized emails inviting them to order magazines through your own customized website. The company processes and sends all the orders so there’s no money to collect, no items to deliever.

This email campaign allows friends and family from across the United States to support your group by purchasing or renewing their favorite magazines at up to 85% off newsstand prices, while your group keeps 40% of the purchase price.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Magazine Program:

What size group does the magazine program work best for?

The Online Magazine Program is really unique, as its good for any group size. The key point to having a succesful fundraiser with the program – is entering as many email addresses of people you know as possible.

It’s fast and easy. For example, a choral group of 13 participents, raised over $1300 profit in just a few days – because they all entered emails, and told these people to expect their email.

How many email addresses should be sent to in order to get a good number of magazine sales?

A minimum of 12 emails per person should be entered to get the best results. Also there’s a reward you for doing this – a free movie ticket (as long as they are valid emails, and you sell minimum one magazine). To obtain more email addresses, ask parents to email co-workers, make sure everyone in your group is taking part in the fundraiser, include a link to your store in any existing e-newsletters your group sends out.

What success strategies should people participating in the magazine programs use?

Tell people ahead of time to expect the email, maximise your network of friends and family members, ask them to send emails for your group as well, launch your campaign every couple of months, look to see how much money you will save, by extending your existing subscriptions online to support your group. Saying you have done it yourself is the best way to add credibility to your campaign.

Click Here for more information or to sign-up
or call Toll Free 1-888-778-2580

Online Magazine Fundraising Benefits:

  • No door to door selling
  • No money to collect
  • No delieveries
  • 40% Commission on all orders
  • Over 650 magazine titles to choose from
  • Program can be done fast
  • Works for any size non profit group

Combine Fundraisers & Raise More…

It’s easy to combine the online magazine program with other fundraising projects that you’re doing. Since it’s all online there’s very extra work required.

PLUS…just for Step by Step Fundraising Customers…You’ll get free shipping on all chocolate and scratchcard orders when you participate in the online magazine program.

Create an Online Magazine Fundraiser Account – it’s Free!

Posted on 29 April 2008

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