Popcorn fundraisers are gaining in popularity because of their successful track record.

In fact, Trails’ End Popcorn is the official fundraiser for Cub Scouts and is the only pre-approved Scout fundraiser. Over the last 25 years it has provided pack after pack with the funds they need to carry out the program.

As Committee Chair for my son’s Cub Scout Pack, I can tell you there are so many expenses involved with Scouting that most people don’t even realize like adult leadership trainings, snacks for pack meeting and awarding patches, pins and belt loops as they are earned.

Wheather it’s a trip to the zoo, family camp dues, annual uniform changes, Pinewood Derby cars or food for the Blue & Gold Banquet, there is always something that needs funding. It can be a deterrent for parents to absorb all of the costs.

Though each pack varies in their size, ambition and goals, one common factor is that the Trail’s End Popcorn Fundraiser pays for some or all of the Scouting year. Council awards each pack up to 38% of their popcorn sales, plus prizes and summer camp scholarships. The money Council earns also provides year-round activities for Scouts. Scouts act as sales people, but what they are really selling is the importance of the Scouting program and the need for funds to support their pack.

Can Other Nonprofit Organizations Sell Popcorn?

Cub Scouts aren’t the only organization that can benefit from a popcorn fundraiser. Popcorn can generate income for a variety of groups with a returning customer base.

While Trails End provides popcorn just for scouts, there are other companies that provide popcorn fundraisers. In fact you can find popcorn fundraiser packages that are designed especially for sports teams and other groups. Your organization earns 30-50% profit on all sales depending on which supplier you use.

Why Choose a Popcorn Fundraiser?

1. Popcorn fundraisers have a high profit margin.
2. It’s simple – just take orders using the full color order sheets.
3. You don’t need to pre-purchase any products.
4. You’ll get a guarantee for customer satisfaction.
5. You can offer your supporters something they already like and regularly buy
6. With just one fundraiser a year you can earn what you need with less effort.

How Do Popcorn Fundraisers Work?

1. Have family and neighbors fill out a simple form to order and collect money
2. Place the master order for the popcorn through the fundraising company
3. The popcorn is shipped to your organization
4. Distribute the popcorn
5. That’s it!

Posted on 03 July 2006

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