Deb Baker, a North Lake, WI resident and mystery writer, donated a portion of the sales of her new book “Goodbye Dolly” at the launch party to the Town Hall Library. Baker worked at the library from 2000 – 2005. Her book “Goodbye Dolly” is the second in a series about doll collecting. The first book is called “Dolls to Die For.”

Some of the characters in Baker’s latest novel are inspired by actual people. Baker based a character in her first book on two people and she found that sales increased as a result of this. Jack Frederickson and George Strobel enjoyed being in her mystery novel.

“I think between them they bought 20 books, which gave me the idea to put everybody I know in my books,” she said.

The fundraising event featured a mock trail in which Baker was grilled by a prosecuting attorney, played by her husband Jim. She then finally admitted where some of the inspirations for her characters came from local residents.

Source: Lake Country Reporter

Posted on 28 September 2007

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