Murder Mystery Parties – A Killer Fundraiser!

Are you looking for a fun event fundraiser? When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing.

The games by take about three hours to play, including dinner. Guests assume the roles of characters in the plot, and at the end the killer – or killers – is revealed

The best thing about this event, besides being lots of fun, is that it can be planned for just about any size gathering. Most games are created for 10-32 people. However, when you add on Extra Characters you can accommodate a party of up to 200.

So how can you turn a Murder Mystery Party into a fundraiser?

Step by Step, here we go . . .

1. Figure out the logistics of the party you’ll be holding. How many people would you expect? Where will you hold it? In someone’s home, in a rental hall, a restaurant, etc.? Will the meal be catered or prepared by volunteers in your organization?

2. Decide on a theme for your party. Which theme would your guests most enjoy? Would your guests enjoy a costume party? Or a theme that didn’t necessarily require a costume?

Here are a few of the games available from Dinner and a Murder:

Murder at the Four Deuces
a rip roaring 1920’s gangster murder mystery party game with lots of murder, bribery and back stabbing to be had. Some of the guests will include infamous gangsters, politicians, singers and gamblers. – a roaring 20’s gangster murder mystery that takes place at the Four Deuces speakeasy.

Murder at the Four Deuces (Teen Version)
a fun 1920’s gangster murder mystery game designed for teens.

The Santa Clause
The Santa Clause is a contemporary murder mystery game that takes place at the Christmas Party of the law firm Lie, Cheat & Steal. With this many lawyers & politicians involved there is sure to be plenty of back stabbing going around.

A Killer Reunion
This is a VERY clean murder mystery game that takes place at a class reunion. The year and/or theme can be determined by the host. This game is suitable for very conservative groups. (Designed for couples, great for Valentine’s Day)

3. Set a date.

4. Create a budget for the event. Outline all of the expenses: game cost, food, other rentals, prizes, etc. The expenses should equal 30% or less of the total funds raised. You can raise all the funds from the ticket price, or combine with other fundraisers at the game night (like a cash bar)(Hint: the more you can get donated, the better!)

5. Based on the expected cost of the event, set the ticket price. Remember that guests will know that this is a charitable event. Plus, this is also more than just dinner, it’s a party! Most will be willing to pay higher than they normally would for just dinner at a restaurant.

When setting ticket prices, also think about what will be included in the ticket. Do you want to have a cash bar separate? Is Dessert extra? Will there be a silent auction? These “extras” could boost the funds raised for your charity and effect the price that you want to charge for the entry ticket.

6. Finally, plan all the details that go into a party. . . decorations, invitations, tickets, costumes…this is the fun part, be creative! Get RSVPs from your invitees and call everyone to remind them about the event.

7. Enjoy your Dinner and a Murder Party!

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Posted on 29 April 2005

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