Go Green This Fall

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You see it everywhere you go. Everyone is getting more and more “green” conscious.

So why not let your Fall fundraiser show just how “green” conscious you and your group are. The Go Green Fundraiser offers a wide array of earth friendly items, including healthy foods and organic products. One of the more popular items is the trees that come shipped in a plastic tube. The trees are ready to plant in the ground, so your customer can watch it grow.

They also offer reusable shopping bags and coolers, organic breads and desserts, healthy snacks, flower bulbs and organic lip balm and lotions. With this pre sell fundraiser all you have to do is call request the information.

Once you have received the information, we suggest you take orders for 2 weeks. As you are taking orders you will need to make sure you collect money. Once the fundraiser is over gather all the order forms, make you have tally all the products you need.

Call your order in; we will then let you know how much you owe us. This fundraiser is awesome because there is no shipping if you order at least 120 items. If you don’t sell 120 items you will have to pay small shipping and handling fee of $65.00.

The Go Green Fundraiser works like most Brochure fundraisers. The more you sell the higher your profit will be. Go Green allows you to earn as much as 55%. You are sure to receive 25%when sell at least 120 items.

Posted on 03 January 2012

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