We have been following the fundraising industry for nearly 10 years now. It’s an industry that needs to change but at least in the product fundraising portion of the industry does not seem to embrace change.

I’ve attended trade shows and conferences and have never walked away a single time thinking anything other than that I was in the company of the a bunch of depressed people that had no idea what to do to fix their industry despite the fact that it is still a very large industry.

But the seminars and classes offered to help companies grow offer the same tired suggestions and conversations.

So why am I writing about this?

It occurs to me that the industry to changing in spite of itself. There is actually tremendous growth in fundraising – it’s just not through selling products – although product fundraising still has and always will have a place in fundraising.

So where is the growth?

The growth is cause and support type programs. Some of the fastest growing companies like Rally, Gofundme and others have created systems that allow individuals and groups to bring their needs to friends and acquaintances through social media and other online resources. Now needy organizations can make global pleas for help and donors can offer support online.

Then there’s companies like Read-a-thon fundraising company that takes a tried and proven concept like read-a-thons and brought it into the modern era using the same tools and resources that the cause sites offer to groups.

While I hate the fact that product fundraisers are not as popular as they once were, as a member of the fundraising industry, though, I am excited to see the new products being developed that actually make fundraising new and exciting again.

Posted on 27 February 2013

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