Yesterday I sent out the following email to those who had requested the Step By Step Guide to Writing Fundraising Letters asking for your most pressing question related to fundraising letters.

I was shocked when in just the first 90 minutes after the email went out, there were already 108 questions submitted! There’s still time to enter your question, just start this quick survey. The most frequently asked questions will be answered in a free audio seminar to be presented next week. (Stay tuned for more details!)

Some of the most frequently read articles and reports on my site are related to fundraising letters. Letters are frequently used by non profit organizations for a variety of purposes, but as you may know writing letters can also be a time consuming and confusing process.

If you’re going to take the time and expense of sending letters, you want to get RESULTS, right? And to get the results you’re after, a letter should be written in certain ways. Not just any letter will work to bring in donations for a non profit organization. Wow…what pressure! It’s enough to give me writer’s block! 😉

I’d like to help you make sense of all this fundraising letter info and conquer writer’s block for good! What’s your most pressing question about writing letters for your non profit group? What tips and resources would help you the most?

The most frequently asked questions will be answered in a FREE audio seminar that will be released next week!

Let me know by completing a short survey (only 6 questions)

The deadline for entering your question so that it can potentially be addressed on the seminar is 11:59 PM (Central US Time) this Saturday. Thank you for your input. I’m looking forward to answering your fundraising letter questions!

Update: this survey is now closed.

Posted on 13 October 2005

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