Times have changed and there is more to consider with Fundraisers for Youth Groups. In fact the entire process has evolved over the years.

Ten years ago youth groups typically counted on the kids to raise money. The group would hand our fundraising brochures and each child was expected to sell fundraising products to friends, family and neighbors. It was expected that the youth would take their brochure and knock on doors around their neighborhood. But those days are done for the most part.

Now more parents take control of fundraising. If the group is holding a cookie dough fundraiser the parent most likely brings the brochure and order form to work and solicits sales there. The same for candy fundraisers. Parents take the carrier of candy to their workplace and count on coworkers to buy the candy.

In the old days youth groups would offer incentives to the kids to increase sales. Those incentives were obviously geared toward the kids. But how well do child-based incentives work when its the parent who sells?

If you are going to offer incentives for your fundraisers for youth groups we suggest you develop incentives that excite the parents if you believe that the parents will be the main force behind your youth group fundraiser. That might take a little more effort than it did choosing incentives for kids.

If you have not changed with the times do not be surprised if you see diminishing returns on your Fundraisers for Youth Groups.

Posted on 27 January 2012

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