Gas Price on July 11 2008In the past I didn’t pay too much attention to the price at the pump, when it was less than 3 dollars a gallon.  Now it is pretty hard to ignore!  I’m just thankful that I don’t have to commute to work an hour or more a day like when I was in the Dallas metroplex.

Rising fuel costs, among other aspects of the current economic situation, are having a big impact on many industries and individual companies large and small.  Non profits are not immune and perhaps are even harder hit in some ways.

In June we ran an article series on Fundraising in Challenging Economic Times. While researching this topic I found quite a few other resources that were really informative so I’m sharing them for you here.

10 Tips for Fundraising in Tough Times by Vinay Bhagat at Fundraising Success Magazine

10 Ways for Nonprofits to Cut Costs by Joanne Fritz,

Rising Food Prices Mean Nonprofits Get Creative by posted at Just Cause

Rising cost of gas: crisis or opportunity for volunteering? by Susan J. Ellis, published on Canadian FundRaiser eNews

How to compete like a champ in a tough economic environment by Katya Andresen

Posted on 11 July 2008

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