Gala FundraiserLast week I was excited to attend the national Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) conference.  There were a lot of great seminars. What I really enjoy most about going to conferences though is meeting others who work in the nonprofit world.

At the first morning opening session I struck up a conversation with someone who does an auction each year.  While she really enjoys planning it she’s concerned about the level of participation this year.  Some of the other conversations I’ve had recently have been along some of the same lines.   When I got home I picked up the The Nonprofit Times March 15th issue and saw the front page article was titled Unhappy Galas. This is beyond Deja vu.

I believe the first action to take to address a problem is to confront it.    Then work toward a solution. Perhaps we can find some best practices and creative ideas (like I mentioned yesterday) and all benefit.

So what is your biggest challenge with special events, especially dinners (formal or not) and auctions?

Leave a comment below... Feel free to vent a litte!  Get it off your chest.   I’ll bet there are a lot of others with some similar concerns.  Let’s discuss…

Posted on 09 April 2009

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