One of the best ways to insure spectacular attendance at fundraising events is to have a celebrity attend or even speak to your group.

The Restoration, a faith-based event sponsored by the New Hope Gospel Church youth ministry program Extreme Fire, has been holding a fundraising event for 5 years. This year they expect to break all records.

They are bringing in Tim Tebow to speak to their group.

So how do you go about attracting celebrities to your fundraiser? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Look for local celebrities that personally know your organization or group. Possibilities include local television personalities, radio deejays, athletes or actors that grew up in your town or city. Since those people have roots in your community they will most likely not be as difficult to contact. Tracking down friends or family members is a possibility. As for on air personalities, those people are easy to locate.

When you contact the celebrity make sure you let them know why they would personally impact support for your group. We all have egos. Let them know they can make the difference and why. Be as compelling as possible.

2. Contact a talent agency. Talent agencies represent potential speakers and other celebrities. While most have engagement fees many will help charitable efforts that line up with their personal beliefs. You should obviously weigh the impact your desired speaker will have on fundraising efforts. Will the appearance raise a substantially higher amount of money? If so would that more than cover the cost of the celebrity?

While its not possible for many groups to get nationally known people to attend their event you might be surprised at speakers and attendees that can impact your fundraising results.


Posted on 25 January 2012

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