So much of the literature, seminars and talk about fundraising deals with individual strategies. There are many books on how to write fundraising letters, how to plan events, and other “how to” information. Admittedly much of this website tends to focus on “fundraising ideas” and how-to’s.

All of this practical information is extremely useful, especially when you’re suddenly in charge of fundraising for the first time. Having those practical guides can make the difference in whether a fundraising campaign is successful or not. (It can also make the experience much less stressful for you and your volunteers!)

However, one of the most fundamental aspects about fundraising doesn’t seem to get near as much discussion — that is, why people give.

By reviewing the reasons that people give or don’t give to non profit organizations, we can be more sensitive to donor’s needs. We will also be more likely to choose the right fundraising strategy and execute it more effectively.

In this series we’ll cover these basic questions:

  1. Why do people donate to charitable causes?
  2. Why would they donate to your organization in particular?
  3. What reasons would someone NOT want to donate to your organization?

Posted on 15 August 2007

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