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Resource Round-up, August 2011

Posted on 31 August 2011

Hello!  Today is the day of the month when I share with you some great news articles and blog posts that have caught my eye over the last thirty days. Many of these links below are from guest writers to StepByStepFundraising, so you’re already familiar with their great work.  I strongly encourage you to check […]

Wanna Sound Smart? Read These Articles!

Posted on 30 August 2011

Greetings!  I hope you’ve all had a great summer!  September is now upon us and many of you non-profit leaders are just now entering into your busy season.  To you, I wish you a great year filled with lots of fundraising success.  For those of you whose busiest season was summer, I hope you met […]

Is Your Board Strong Enough to Make Hard Decisions?

Posted on 29 August 2011

In a recent edition of the online CharlotteObserver, there was an editorial that really got my attention. It was written by Will Miller, who is a former executive director of Charlotte’s host committee for the Democratic National Convention. The editorial is titled “Nonprofit boards must be bold, not too cozy with staff”. I highly recommend […]

10 Time Management Tips for Nonprofit Communicators, by Gayle Thorsen

Posted on 28 August 2011

After a summer off, I’d like to welcome back Gayle Thorsen (pictured at left) to the Step By Step Fundraising Blog.  Over the past year, Gayle has been kind enough to share with us one of her recent articles from her blog ImpactMax.  Today she has one for us about time saving advice for those of […]

Super-hero Guide to Beating Burnout, by Maureen Carruthers

Posted on 27 August 2011

Once again, I’d like to welcome back Maureen Carruthers (pictured at left).  Maureen is a non-profit consultant, and the force behind the excellent blog “Low Hanging Fruit Communication” which covers many topics including social media for non-profits. Maureen’s goal is to help nonprofit leaders reach their right people more quickly so their organizations have a greater […]

If Donors Knew What Others Gave, Would They Give More? By Gayle Gifford

Posted on 26 August 2011

After a long summer off, I am very happy to welcome back Gayle Gifford to Step By Step Fundraising- (pictured at left). Gayle brings over 30 years of experience to her work with nonprofits – from her personal activism for peace, disarmament, environmental, human and civil rights, to her professional work as a consultant and […]

How much should you request in your foundation grant proposal? By Pamela Grow

Posted on 25 August 2011

I would like to welcome back guest writer Pamela Grow to Step by Step Fundraising today. Pam is an author, coach, copy-writer, and nonprofit marketing consultant.  She is the author of “Five Days to Foundation Grants” and the creator of Simple Development Systems, the only online coaching program created for the overwhelmed fundraiser in the […]