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Posted on 23 December 2006

At the conclusion of our week long focus on international organizations is a site from Action Without Borders, Action Without Borders is a nonprofit organization founded in New York City in 1995. Our mission is to connect people, organizations, and resources to help build a world where all people can lead free and dignified […]

100 Friends Around the World

Posted on 23 December 2006

More Around the World News… This comes from Marc Gold, founder of the 100 Friends Project. I first talked with Marc a couple of years ago and have been inspired by his work ever since. The concept of the Project is simple. Marc Gold collects donations from about 100 people and then takes the money […]

Guidestar – An International Non Profit Resource

Posted on 23 December 2006

Guidestar – An International Non Profit Resource Have you signed up for

Up until recently I had assumed that Guidestar was just for US organizations. Not so! This website has many international charities and foundations listed. Once you register (takes two minutes) you can search by keyword, organization name and/or location…

Canadian Fundraisers Make Voices Heard

Posted on 22 December 2006

By using a program called “scrip” schools and other groups can sell gift cards and make a commission on each and every one. One of the keys to a winning scrip program is offering cards for retailers where your supporters already shop. Canadian scrip company FundScrip had grocery giant Loblaw enlisted — until a new […]

Visitors Around the World

Posted on 21 December 2006

After posting on Tuesday about fundraising around the world, I thought I’d check my web stats again. The statistics show the number of visitors to this website, what pages have been viewed the most, etc. One of the cool stats is the “pages by country” where you can see the many countries where people live […]

Charitable Giving Around the World

Posted on 19 December 2006

While my own experience is only with charities in the United States, I find the differences in non profit organizations around the world and the environment they work in quite interesting. Culture, governmental system and economy are the underlying factors that determine charitable giving. A new report published by Charities Aid Foundation explores individual giving […]

Fundraising for Animal Shelters

Posted on 13 December 2006

Do you volunteer for an animal related group – a humane society or rescue? Many of these groups are truly grassroots efforts. Founders and workers are often very passionate about helping animals. Of course it takes money to keep these efforts going so fundraising is essential. Earlier this year Danielle Hamilton and I began collaborating […]