KittyDo you volunteer for an animal related group – a humane society or rescue? Many of these groups are truly grassroots efforts. Founders and workers are often very passionate about helping animals. Of course it takes money to keep these efforts going so fundraising is essential.

Earlier this year Danielle Hamilton and I began collaborating on a website just for animal related groups. Danielle Hamilton has been working with animal rescues since 1998. She started fostering heartworm positive dogs, and quickly took on the role of publicity representative to increase adoptions and awareness of animal rescues in the area.

She has been sharing her creative fundraising ideas online since 2000 and is a moderator of the popular Humane Fundraising yahoo group. The new site contains hundreds of ideas, tips and themes for fundraising, designed specifically for animal groups, from animal rescues to humane societies, wildlife rehabbers to dog parks, and spay/ neuter groups to TNR feral cat colonies.

Posted on 13 December 2006

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