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Writing Fundraising Thank You Letters

Posted on 29 April 2005

Sending thank you letters or notes to people who make a donation shows your appreciation and reinforces their goodwill about making a financial gift to charity. It is best to acknowledge the gift soon after it is received. Thank you letters which are on the charity letterhead serve as tax receipts. This type of letter […]

Murder Mystery Party Fundraiser

Posted on 29 April 2005

Murder Mystery Parties – A Killer Fundraiser! Are you looking for a fun event fundraiser? When you host a Dinner and a Murder Mystery Party your guests will be immersed in an evening of treachery, murder, blackmail, intrigue and back stabbing. The games by take about three hours to play, including dinner. Guests assume […]

5 Fun Fundraising Ideas

Posted on 29 April 2005

Some of the best fundraisers are just plain fun. When you are looking for fundraising ideas, finding a program that participants will enjoy will boost your success. Here is a short list of fun fundraising ideas to get you started. […]

Yard Sale Fundraisers

Posted on 27 April 2005

Last month’s newsletter issue focused on strategies for raising money for your non profit with a garage sale. Used item sales can come in all shapes and sizes with many names, some people call them yard sales or rummage sales. I was recently visiting friends in Massachusetts and found out that in that area of […]

The Countdown Has Begun

Posted on 26 April 2005

If you’re a subscriber to my monthly e-zine, you may recall that I’ve been working on a new design for the site behind the scenes. It’s been in the planning stages for awhile, as I knew I really wanted a different look for the site. The idea is to make it easier on the eyes, […]

Krispy Kreme Donut Fundraiser

Posted on 25 April 2005

Okay, so donuts aren’t exactly the healthiest breakfast in the world, but they sure taste good!  You could also pull in some easy cash for your charity with a Krispy Kreme fundraiser. Krispy Kreme has a variety of fundraisers available. One way to raise money is to just sell the donuts. They offer doughnuts to […]

Head Shave for Charity Challenge Fundraiser

Posted on 24 April 2005

The “head shave challenge” is a fundraiser that has been very successful with many fundraisers. This encourages more donations and works in conjunction with other fundraisers. The group is challenged to raise money for the cause and if they reach a certain amount, then a leader will have his or her head shaved. It works […]