The “head shave challenge” is a fundraiser that has been very successful with many fundraisers. This encourages more donations and works in conjunction with other fundraisers. The group is challenged to raise money for the cause and if they reach a certain amount, then a leader will have his or her head shaved.

It works especially well with kids and teens who like seeing teachers and other adults humbled a bit. A new variation on this is to dye the adult’s hair instead. Students who raise the most money would be able to use temporary spray hair color — blue, green, red, etc. — and paint the adult’s hair in public.

Les Nelson has been using the “head shave challenge” to help raise money for people who are effected by Leukemia for four years in a row. Now he’s even gotten other people to volunteer for the challenge.

Les Nelson does the head shave challenge along with a luau party and raffle. The fundraisers benefit the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as part of his participation in the Team in Training program.

When planning for the event, I set a fundraising goal that I hope to reach by the end of the luau. If the goal is reached, the person who has donated the most money gets to shave my head. The shaving is the entertainment highlight of the evening, and many other people – both patrons and staff – have also had their heads shaved for additional donations.

Many patients who undergo chemotherapy experience hair loss as a side effect. Shaving my head is a way to show them support and solidarity, as well as generating interest in the cause. Also, for the last two years, women have gone onstage and donated their pony tails to Locks of Love, allowing us to benefit two great causes with one event.

The owner of the pub where the luau is held is a friend of Les and has supported the charity for several years. The pub provides the prizes, location, and drink specials. The pub even gets vendors and suppliers to donate merchandise from their marketing campaigns. Most of the prizes have some sort of logo on them, and the prizes have included shirts, golf bags, DVD players, Weber grills, hats, and neon signs. Les brings in a crowd of people on an otherwise slow night. So it’s a winning situation for everyone.

Posted on 24 April 2005

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