mythbustersEach week in April Step by Step Fundraising published new articles on the topic of Fundraising Myths. These fundraising and non profit management experts brought their unique perspectives to this topic. There are many years of experience and wisdom to be found on these pages!

Here’s a list of each of the articles in this series:

  1. Fundraising Myth: If You Build It They Will Come by Sandra Sims
  2. The Myth of the “Selfless Volunteer” by Tom Welsh
  3. Fundraising Myth: It’s Great to Be Cheap by Marc Pitman
  4. Advertising and Marketing Are Too Expensive by Jim Berigan
  5. The Myth of the Dried Up Well by Sandy Rees
  6. Myths About Foundation Funding by Aaron Atwood

Here are several other great articles along a similar theme published on other sites:
The Myths and Realities of Board Members and Fundraising from Guidestar
What is the average fundraising cost per dollar raised? from Gayle Roberts
Non-Profit Fund-Raising Demystified from Tony Poderis
The Myths and Realities of Philanthrocapitalism a book review from The Non Profit Quarterly
Five Charity Myths Dispelled from Charity Navigator

Posted on 02 May 2008

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