In my research for this blog, I come across some really interesting newspaper articles, websites, and blog posts about the subject of non-profit fundraising. While I do my best to comment on these stories as much as possible, I simply can’t get to everything that catches my eye.

Therefore, every so often, I will post a list of my favorite clippings that didn’t make it onto the pages of Step By Step Fundraising.

I hope you enjoy this list as much as I have!

December 2010 Articles to Check out!

Recently, I became aware of a really smart fundraising professional named Amy Eisenstein. She has a website that’s full of terrific information that can help you in your quest to raise more money. I highly recommend you check it out. Here is a link to a typically helpful article offering strategies to raise money in a down economy. But, do yourself a favor and while you are there, take a few minutes and explore what she has to offer!

I also recently came across a website that specializes in helping non-profits optimize their websites. It looks as though this is a paid service, and I don’t have any experience with them to comment on their prices or their ability, but I do like their blog articles. I think you could pick up some very helpful information from them. Take a look!

From the Pacific Northwest, read how a group of non-profit credit unions raised over $10,000 decorating miniature trees for Christmas. This seems like it is a winner on all sorts of levels. Check it out! From the CUinsight Newsletter.

Speaking of Christmas trees, here’s an interesting suggestion for a school fundraiser that I hadn’t heard of before: Christmas Tree Recycling. This article doesn’t actually spell out how to do it, but I’ve done some further research and found out that some non-profits charge $5 to haul away your tree and get it chipped up. That could really add up! Check out the article for a little more background. From the Vancouver Courier.

Lastly, here’s a thought-provoking interview with Seth Godin, who is one of the most respected internet marketers in the business. Along with the video interview, there are a few stats included that reveal some troubling trends that the non-profit industry is facing. Don’t miss this interview! From

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Posted on 30 December 2010

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